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Part of the fire-fighting collection.
Part of the fire-fighting collection

The collection has been built up over 50 years as a labour of love by its founders. It contains more than 12,000 exhibits, one of the finest British collections of railway memorabilia. Nowhere else can you find such a comprehensive assembly of objects that illuminates both the history of the working lives of railway staff and the historical experiences of rail passengers.

Our plans to move the collection from Winchcombe to a new home require the collection to be assessed and prepared for the move through a substantial conservation and documentation programme. The first part of this huge task has been to create a database of the catalogue so that it can be updated with information about where everything is and what work needs to be done on it.

Project completed

Cast-iron signs.
Some of the cast-iron signs in the collection.

In less than six months, volunteers completed the task of transcribing about 1,800 catalogue sheets into an online database designed and written by the volunteer project manager, Michael Quinion.

We are very grateful to the volunteers for their enthusiasm and hard work. Without them the project would not have been possible. Thank you Anne, Cath, Chris, Cindy, Clive, Di, Hamish, Hazel, Janet, John, Martin, Mike, Olly, Pauline, Penny and Tristan. Special thanks go to the Thornbury Volunteer Centre in South Gloucestershire, which recruited most of the volunteers.


New member of our team: We are delighted that Jackie Britton, who has long experience in managing and moving museum collections at the V&A and Science Museum, has agreed to join our steering committee. Her expertise will be invaluable.

Change of plans: Planning and business issues mean that it will not be possible for the Museum to locate to the Vale of Berkeley Railway as proposed. The trustees are working on various options for a new long-term home for the collection.

Catalogue project complete: A team of 16 volunteers under Michael Quinion as project manager has completed a project to convert our paper catalogue into a searchable database.In only six months they transcribed the records of more than 12,000 items.

More news as we have it. Please check in again for regular updates on how you can get involved in creating the museum in its new home.

We shall be delighted to hear from you. Your comments and suggestions will be most welcome. And do please contact us If you would like to help us create a new home for the collection.

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